A medieval village and a giant waterfall

A medieval village and a giant waterfall

Rupit is a small village in the Catalan mountains, where every house is made of stone. Walking around here is like travelling back in time. There's also a 100-meter waterfall nearby, the tallest I've seen - even taller than Sekumpul in Bali.

I visited Rupit in March 2018. It's an easy daytrip from Barcelona. We took an early morning bus to Vic, and then another one to Rupit. It took about 2 hours in total.

The village is quite small. We spent about an hour walking around and enjoying the ancient-looking buildings. We went into some shops, then took a coffee break.

After the coffee we took a trail leading out of Rupit, towards Salt de Salent, the 100-meter waterfall.

From that angle, the village looked like something out of a fantasy movie.

After about 15-20 minutes on the trail, we found a series of beautiful small waterfalls. Of course I had to climb on top.

The views were just getting better and better as we walked.

And finally, we saw the waterfall :) The photos don't really show the height, but it was absolutely stunning in person.

The view from the top of the falls was not bad either.

And here's our squad :)