Springtime hiking in the forests of Figaró

Springtime hiking in the forests of Figaró

In the beginning of 2021, I was in Barcelona, my home. I was spending winter in Europe for the first time in a few years. It was cold and everything was in lockdown. I wasn't allowed to leave the city.

Those were some bad times for me.

When the restrictions finally began to lift in April, the first thing I wanted to do was to go hiking!

I chose a small town called Figaró as my destination. It's super easy to get to, just 40 minutes by train from where I live in Barcelona. It's surrounded by hills, forests and cliffs.  It offers plenty of hiking routes and things to see.

It was extra special for me - being out in nature, in the spring time sun, surrounded by trees and plants and flowers and beautiful open views, all of this felt so amazing after the many cold, depressing months of lockdown!

During May 2021, I came to Figaró every weekend and explored as much as I could!


Figaró is a small town with modernist architecture and about 1000 inhabitants.

The river of Congost splits the town in two. On the east side of the river is the mountain of Montseny. And on the west side lie the Cingles de Bertí (cliffs).

I first noticed Figaró last year, on my way to Vall de Nuria.

I thought it looks beautiful, a small town with modernist architecture, nested between the hills. But also, I saw people in hiking gear were getting off here every time.

So I did some research, and found out there are some nice areas and things to see around here! For a month, I spent every weekend exploring more.

Sot del Bac

Sot del Bac sort of a valley between tall vertical cliffs.

At the top there is a viewpoint, where you can dangle your feet from the cliffs and enjoy the views to Montesny in the distance.

There are a few streams and tiny "waterfalls" on the way here.

I first came to Sot del Bac in 2020 with a friend. It was a nice hike, but it was very hot and sweaty (we did it in July) and we couldn't go far.

This time, I was here in the end of April, and throughout May. It was spring, the temperatures were still cool, and it had rained a lot. Everything was green and lush, and wild flowers were blooming!

The cross & the Catalan flag

From Sot del Bac, there is a trail leading up. This trail connects with a dirtroad which goes all around the area.

In this area there is a big cross made of stone, sitting at a perfect viewpoint of Figaró down below.

From the cross, there is a small trail. It goes through some bushes (and spiderwebs) leading to a "hidden" Cataln flag.

La Trona

"The Throne" is a cliff sticking out of the larger Cingles de Bertí.

It is quite an uphil hike from Sot del Bac, but worth it.

From here, hikers can continue along the top of Cingles de Bertí and eventually descend to Figaro again, on the other side. I didn't do this yet.


This the lush, green area surrounding a little river on the east side of Figaró, in the beginning of Montseny mountain.

This was probably my favourite part, as I love lush places with lots of moss, vegetation, and water.

The route begins with an easy walk along the small river. There are various waterfalls and pools.

Then it takes us to an old hermitage. And then to a building used as a summer school (closed now).

Surrounding this building there are green meadows. Every time that I was here, I would have a picnic on a meadow, and just lie in the sun for a while. It was so good to finally enjoy the sun, after the long winter months!

There are several beautiful Catalan masias (traditional houses made of stones) in this area.

Throughout my hikes, I saw lots and lots of wildflowers, and I couldn't be happier! My favourite was the one that we call кандилки (kandilki) in Bulgarian. I don't know the name in English!

I'm very happy that I got to enjoy Figaró in spring time! I'd absolutely recommend this as an easy hiking destination near Barcelona.