About me

I am a lead developer with a full-time remote job. I'm based in Barcelona, but I usually travel for 4-6 months of the year.

Nomad life

I work remotely, so I can live anywhere in the world as long as I have my computer with me and an internet connection. I spends summers in Barcelona and winters in Asia (usually Bali), and travel to new places often.

I get a lot of questions about working remotely and living as a nomad. I'm writing a series of blog posts that I will link here as they come out.

Other things I do

I love art, and I occasionally make drawings and paintings.

I also picked up a camera last year. My photos are on Unsplash (you can use them for free).

This Website

This website is open source and the staging environment is public.


I'm most active on Instagram. I also have a dead Twitter account that I plan to revive soon. No Facebook.