I made a public stage for polinakocheva.com

I made a public stage for polinakocheva.com

I've always loved the idea of building things in the open - live coding, open startups, etc.

Unfortunately, I don't have a project that I can build this way (yet).

But I do have this website right here. This is my playground, where I experiment with cool technologies and silly ideas.

So I was inspired to make a public stage for polinakocheva.com - where you can see what I'm currently playing with (and probably breaking).

Here it is! https://develop.polinakocheva.com

It's the develop branch of this site, on its own subdomain.

This was incredibly easy to set up with Netlify. With the settings below, Netlify automatically creates a subdomain for every branch.

It also forced me to implement a proper development and release git flow for this website. Until now I used to push all commits to master - as I'm the only person working on this, and it's a fairly small project. But from now on, I will push to the develop branch, and merge to master to make a release.

All gets deployed automatically by Netlify.

Hopefully this will inspire me to keep working on new things on that stage, and maybe apply this concept to other projects as well!

P.S. the entire code of polinakocheva.com is also public: