Salt del Mir: A secret waterfall

Salt del Mir: A secret waterfall

Salt de Mir is one of my favourite Google Maps discoveries. I found it while looking for hikes and beautiful places that are not well known, but also easily accessible by train (since I STILL don't have a driving license).

In the summer of 2021, I hiked here, then 2 weeks later I did the exact same hike again, because I loved it so much.

The hike includes rivers, waterfalls (the main event), old ruins, mountain cwes, forests, ridges, and more exciting stuff!

It begins in Sant Quirze de Besora, a small town near the Pyrenees.

I get off the train here and get a coffee at the main square, in the only café that's open. When I'm done with the coffee, I head out of town and I make my way to Riera de la Foradada, a small river making its way through the forest and the hills.

The hike follows a nice dirt road along the river. After an hour or so, I stop for a snack. I cool off my legs in the shallow river as I eat a fruit salad in the sun. Perfection.

Then I continue. From here the route starts going up and into a forest.

About 2 hours later, I see a sign "Salt de Mir" and an arrow. I'm almost at my destination :) I follow the path down to an abandoned water mill. The stone buildings have fallen apart and are now taken over by nature.

After exploring the ruins a bit, I keep following the path down... I can hear the waterfall very loud now... And soon I see it.

It's more impressive than I thought. All covered in greenery - moss, ferns, and water-loving plants.

Of course the first thing I do is to take a dip in the pool. The water is freezing cold at first, but I get used to it very fast. It feels amazing after the sweaty hike in the sun.

Then I stand on a rock under the falling water, like a giant shower.

After enjoying this for a while, I get out and sit down in the sun to dry, and to eat my lunch.

Soon, other people start arriving, so I decide to explore more of the river further down. It's peaceful there, I'm alone. I walk along the shallow river - it's just up to my ankles.

Then I return  to the waterfall for a final look. And I begin the second leg of the hike.

From here the trail goes uphill and starts gaining elevation fast. It's tiring, I take my time with it.

A green, lush forEst surrounds me as I push uphill. I look at the forest floor and see wild strawberries! My favourite thing to find on a hike. I pick them and eat them as I go. There are also lots of beautiful wildflowers everywhere.

Finally, I reach the top of the ridge, and I'm greeted with an amazing view.

I take a break here to enjoy the view for a bit. Then I get back on the trail.

It takes me down to a small meadow full of mountain cows. The cows here are free to roam, there's no owner around. They are blocking my trail, there's about 20 of them. I'm a bit startled at first, but then I just keep walking through them. They are chill and pay no attention to me.

From here, the trail follows the ridge, with beautiful views on both sides. I'm walking on big rocks and cliffs.

An hour later, the trail descends into a forest, and turns into a nice narrow path.

Eventually this path leads me back to the area where I started, and to Sant Quirtze de Besora - where I relax by the river for a while, before I take the evening train back to Barcelona :)