The Balinese Ghost Palace

The Balinese Ghost Palace

During my second trip to Sekumpul, I stopped at the Ghost Palace.

I had heard a lot about this place - a luxurious resort, built by the son of a Balinese president and then abandoned. I had passed it a couple of times during my other adventures. This time, I decided to stop and explore it.

There's a security guard but if you "tip" him 10k (less than $1) he lets you enter. This is standard since the place is quite touristy. When I was there I saw at least 5 other groups of people. Fortunately they stayed mostly in the entrance area, and I had the rest of the place to myself.

The Ghost Palace didn't give me any haunted or creepy vibes, instead it was very calm and relaxing. I was sitting alone on the terraces, watching the overgrown statues and the view of the mountain in front of me.

I love places that are overtaken by nature. I could have spent a day here, but I had to get going to my next adventure - Sekumpul.