The natural pools of Praia Do Forte, Brazil

The natural pools of Praia Do Forte, Brazil

After arriving in Salvador and spending a few days there, I traveled 80 km to the North, to the paradise beach town of Praia Do Forte.

Praia Do Forte is surrounded by palm-tree lined beaches. It looks like the typical stock photos from islands in the South Pacific. Unreal.

The town is 100% touristic - it's entirely made up of hotels & guest houses. Everything is overpriced (for Bahia). Nevertheless I still loved spending a couple of days here, just because of how special the place was.

The main attraction here are the natural pools. Low tide reveals the reef, with hundreds of holes full of crystal clear sea water - the pools. These pools are full of little fish and other marine life. I saw two neon-green eels and a huge colorful sea slug (I spent hours floating in the pools with my snorkeling mask).

The water here was heated by the sun and got very hot - in the afternoon it was actually hotter than the air!

In the afternoon, the hide tide came in and I left the beach to have lunch/dinner. I sat in a restaurant and ordered. As I was waiting, a small monkey (called marmoset) jumped on the table next to me. There was a bunch of them in the tree above my table. I thought it was cute... Until my food came. Then the monkey jumped on my table and tried to grab my plate! It was very confident about it, showing me its teeth and going straight for my food - the waiter had to come running and spray it with water to chase it away.

I spent two super relaxing days here before going back to Salvador and then south to Florianopolis :)